Contest Details

  1. Object: Two-way communications via the earth-moon-earth path on any authorized amateur frequency above 144 MHz.
  2. Date and Contest Period: Two full weekend 48-hour periods (0000 UTC on Saturday through 2359 UTC Sunday) 2024 dates and designated bands:
  • June 29-30, 2024:    144 Mhz, 432 MHz, 5.6 GHz & 24 GHz
  • August 31-September 01, 2024: 1296 MHz, 2.3 GHZ &10 GHz
  1. Entry Categories:

MOAB — Many Operators, any combination of CW or digital modes, All Bands;

SOAB — Single Operator, any combination of CW or digital modes, All Bands;

SOAB-CW — Single Operator, CW, all bands;

SOSB — Single Operator, any combination of CW  or digital modes, One Band, separately for each band: SOSB-144, SOSB-430, SOSB-2300, SOSB-5700, SOSB-10, SOSB-24 etc.

SOSB-CW — Single Operator, CW, One Band, separately for each band: SOSB-CW-144, SOSB-CW-430; etc.

The Multi Band logs will be also claimed as a set of Single Band logs splitted by worked bands. They will be competing in the Single Bands category with other Single Band participants.


  1. Exchange: Each station must send and receive both call signs and a signal report in any mutually understood format, plus a QSO confirmation .


  1. Scoring:

5.1. QSO points:

Count 1 point for each complete EME digital mode contact.

Count 3 points for each complete EME CW contact.

5.2. Multiplier: Each DXCC entity (excluding all Russian entities i.e. UA3,UA9, UA2F etc.) plus each unique Russian call sign worked via EME on each band gives one point for the multiplier.

5.3. Final Score: Multiply QSO point total by the sum of multipliers worked from each band.


  1. Miscellaneous:

6.1.QSO is counted, during which, all communications are copied over the EME path.

6.2. A QSO is considered completed if both correspondents have exchanged their call signs, reports, and got a QSO final confirmation.

6.3. All entrants, regardless of category, are permitted to use spotting assistance or nets including but not limited to DX-alerting nets, internet chat rooms, APRS and other packet, RBN and repeaters to identify stations available for contacts and to announce (self-spot) their availability for contacts. Announcements shall be limited to call sign, location, band or frequency, mode and if applicable transmitting sequence and listening direction. Such assistance may not be used to facilitate the completion of any contact once the contact has commenced. This means such assistance may not be used to convey receipt or non-receipt of any required element of a contact or to request a repeat of any required element of a contact (report, QSO start and end time, 73) .

6.4. Only one transmitted signal is allowed per band at any given time; alternating CQs on two or more frequencies using the same band and mode is prohibited.

  1. Reporting:

7.1. Logs must be submitted within 14 days after the event. All participants are required to fill up a special form at to submit the contest log.

7.2. The list of received logs  will be published at In case you do not see your log in that list please upload your log again.

  1. Awards:

8.1. All participants will receive awards issued electronically in PDF or JPG, and those who took the first three places in their category award will be sent by mail to a reported  postal address.

8.2. By decision of the Organizing Committee, low power  participants that have shown good results can also be awarded  by special awards .

That requires  uploading brief information about their station and the QSO procedure, as well as attaching EME setup photos.

8.4. The participation of sponsors is welcomed in the formation of the award fund. If desired, the call sign of the sponsor of the award is applied to the award (plaquette, pennant) and published in the relevant sections of the websites of the and

9 Support:

9.1 All information about the contest could be found  at

9.2. Questions about the competitions could be  sent to the Organizing Committee through the Contacts form at

9.3. Participants of the competitions who have fulfilled the conditions of the award «EME Russia» during the contest will be  awarded  electronically without additional application.